Valentine’s daughter


My own mirror mantra is looking in the mirror and reminding myself that Im enough

"It’s your decision, Simon Lewis," said Magnus. "Remain in the existence you have, go to college, study music, get married. Live your life. Or - you can have an uncertain life of shadows and dangers. You can have the joy of reading the stories of incredible happenings, or you can be part of the story.”

"Simon, it's me. It's Clary."


The shadowhunters of Team Good and their runes


Every TMI fan waiting for the CoHF trailer:

*refreshes tumblr every 2 seconds

City of Heavenly Fire Countdown

Dear Simon & Schuster, please release the CoHF book trailer, this international fangirl is tired and needs to go to bed.

Simon & Schuster Videos, I’m waiting for that booktrailer.



before you know, a lot of blood is wasted.